SuperCar Sunday and Cruise

I haven’t been called a “fucking maniac” for a long, long time, but I got called that today! But first…

On the way to the MkV cruise meet point, I stopped by SuperCar Sunday to get some McD’s and check out the cars. I’ve never been before, but I can say this kind of thing probably only happens in SoCal. What a vulgar display of wealth…and really freaking cool cars! I don’t know where these people get their $$$, but I’m glad they spend it on nice auto hardware.

Where else will you see Porsches parked next to the garbage?

Next I was off to Westlake Village to meet the MkV group. I’ve never driven with any VW group before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, as most car guys are, I ended up meeting a great bunch of enthusiasts who love their GTI’s. After hanging around for about an hour we gassed up and took off for Ojai.

Here’s us parading down Grime’s Canyon behind some POS truck that was going too slow.

Eventually, we wandered up S. Mountain Rd to the 150 and finally to the 33 north. We stopped for a break at the Vons at the bottom of the hill and the group decided that I should lead up the 33. One of my first actions as leader was to put the pass on a rude Honda CRV that thought he was quick and wouldn’t use a turnout even after repeated provoking by my hi-beams. Now, had I done the pass while on a GSX-R, nobody would have thought twice about it…with the GTI…well…let’s just say the phrase “fucking maniac” was tossed my way at our next rest stop. Oops. Just for good measure I did it again to a POS Ford Explorer that decided that instead of using the turnouts after I flashed the hi-beams, they would just drive down the CENTER of the 33 so there would be no way I could pass…or so they thought. AHEM. Anyway. I should probably calm myself, or just go get a bike before I’m not invited out to cruises anymore.

Oh, BS, the Z32 guys did this kinda of shenanigans all the time 🙂

Anywhoo…we only cruised a few miles up the 33, then took the 150 into SB. Or at least we tried. Traffic was too fuxored so we turned around in Carpenteria and ended up eating lunch at the In-N-Out in Ventura. YUMMMY. The highlight of that was one of our guys giving this STONED older lady in a GTI a flyer for Dubfest. Hehe.

Cruising up the 33


At rest on the 33

The 150

suXor traffic on the 101 NB

Cruising by where Lynne and I got married!!

A few more pix in the Gallery.

Cruise up Hwy 33 to check out Rose Valley Road.

Took the fast up Hwy 33 for the first time. The guys on are thinking about cruising up the 33 to Rose Valley Road and taking that down into Fillmore. Problem is, Rose Valley doesn’t go through. It ends at a campsite by Rose Valley Falls. Which might be nice in winter, but it’s dry as a bone in summer. Not really any “falls” then.

Rose Valley “not” Falls. Dry as a bone.
Rose Valley Falls. Dry in summer I guess.

Rose Valley campground.
Rose Valley campground.

More pix in the Gallery.