CSCC Solo2 Championship Event at Cal Speedway

My first championship event with the GTI, and only my 3rd ever. I ended up placing about mid pack in SK2. The course was a lot of fun.

Run 1 – 73.358
Run 2 – 71.597 +1
Run 3 – 71.332

Tire pressures of 46 front 43 rear seemed to do OK.

Even though this was only my 3rd event, I decided to run Stock Tire 2 class instead of Novice, because Novice only had 3 people in it. Turns out I should have run Novice, I would have won 🙂

SK2 Results

Police Officer Admits The Law is More Important than Safety.

(or…CSCC Solo2 Practice August 12th, 2007)

First off, congrats to Big-E for taking his Vette from 78 to 69 second runs in his first auto-x practice ever. Really nice improvement there. I went from 72 to 67 and back up to 69 in my first practice with the fast. It’s certainly very different than Z CHAN. The highlight of the practice was accidently turning on my wipers in the middle of my 3rd run…and it turned out to be the fastest somehow–although I doubt the accuracy of the lights, since I was first guy out after a timing repair.

The sticker grumpy old guys hate. If you want your own MOVE OVER sticker, visit Left Lane
The sticker grumpy old guys hate. If you want your own MOVE OVER sticker,
visit Left Lane

So…waiting in line to go out on my 2nd or 3rd run, this older guys comes over to me and leans in the window and mentions something about my sticker and how he saw a lady on a TV show “trying to justify” having the sticker on her car, and he asks me if I keep an eye out for the cops. I say I’ve got my radar detector and I usually cruise in the fast lane and it sucks getting stuck behind someone who is going slower than the flow, but refuses to leave the passing lane.
Thinking I’m talking to an autocrosser, his next line takes me a bit by surprise, as he announces with a huff, “I’ve got 650 HP in my car and I’ve got no problem driving 65mph in the fast lane.”
Uh, ok dude. That confused me a bit, so I give this leading statement, “Ya, but you have to admit that you’re creating a bit of a hazardous situation when you’re holding up traffic by driving slower than the flow of traffic in the fast lane.”
Now, even more to my surprise, he becomes Mister Righteous, “BUT I’M OBEYING THE LAW!!”
“Uh, ya. But you’re creating a dangerous situation…”
Then before I can comment, “I’ve arrested people for tailgating me when I’m driving the speed limit in the fast lane. One guy got right on my bumper and flashing his lights…bla bla bla”. So, it’s become obvious that this guy is an officer of the law of some kind, has the ability to arrest people, could really give a crap about safely and admits it to strangers. Way to go. Really. And what exactly are you doing here? Picking fights with guys that like to drive fast? Are you having fun yet?
Well, generally, I like people and I can see I’m going to get nowhere with Mr. I Obey The Law, Who Gives A Crap If I Cause An Accident, so I change the subject and exit semi-gracefully, “Ya know…the problem with this country is that we have everything we need for an autobahn except the people.”
“Oh, I’d really like to see an autobahn initiative in this state,” he says.
“Ya, me too”, oh hey, it’s time for me to start my run. Byyyyyyye!

Big-E and the fast waiting for the course to open
Big-E and the fast waiting for the course to open

the fast on course
Finally, the fast is autocrossing

My practice times. Almost all with ESP off and DSG in manual mode. Tire pressure were about 43 lbs cold. I couldn’t adjust them up because I ran out of air.

Somewhere under there is the timing light.
Somewhere under there is the timing light.


Big-E on his way to the 69’s!

More photos in the gallery.