CSCC Solo2 at California Speedway 9/16/07

VW GTI ready to autocross

Another fun day of driving around cones. Another great hi-speed course. Not too much to log this time except that I got a re-run for run #2 and that I got to work pre-grid for the 1st time. I had a little trouble keeping the multi-driver cars moving along, but other than that it was fun.

Below you can see my times. I’m closing the gap on Eric and his SRT-4 🙂

Actually, I got greedy on my 3rd run and forgot to slow down where I needed to and lost lots of time pushing. I gotta remember that its faster (and better on the tires) to go ahead and be slow in the slow parts.

vw solo2 times

Dubfest 2007

Pretty good day of auto-x today. PCA set up course in the middle of Irwindale’s oval, and it was devoid of any fancy-pants stuff like options or chicanes. In other words, perfect for the heavier-than-the-usual-autox-bear MkV.

We got 8 practice runs and 3 timed runs. Unfortunately, my first 5 runs weren’t timed, so I have no idea how those went, but the next 3 practice and timed laps went something like this:


the fast at Dubfest
I stole this photo from Jason Flores…thanks dude!!

I’m still waiting to see what the official results were. I’ll post how I did when I find out.

Here’s a pretty cool in-car video from Jay Hou’s lo-cost.

However, the best part of the entire event was the booo’ing that this guy got when he refused to run the autocross course in his expensive exotic car. Watch the video and see if you can tell when he turns off the track.

Porsche Carrera GT not running the course

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