Solo2 SCNAX CUP VI, Team Competition and Practice Event 10/7/07

Big-E and I got a full day of auto-x practice in. This course was fast and fun. Seems like everyone was out for the practice, as I only remember two teams running in the SCNAX Cup. I like the idea, maybe next year I’ll try and get on a team.Today was a little strange for me because I found myself pseudo-instructing three guys even though I still don’t consider myself very fast. I guess that’s a good sign :)I also got to run the radio for the first time. Fun!Here’s the run breakdown:

  1. 71.690 – Sighting lap. All the normal settings; ESP off, DSG on. 46 psi front, 43 rear
  2. no time, trash blowing thru the lights. A new guy named Howard (2000-ish Civic owner) took a ride along. I tried to give him some pointers, not sure I helped as he got horribly lost on course later. Minus 1 for my teaching skills.
  3. again, no time. More trash I guess.
  4. 66.272
  5. Rode along with Big-E. Screamed, “Floor it!! Brake!!” a lot and he dropped from 74-ish to 68-something. Plus one for my teaching skills!
  6. another run with no time. A nice EP3 Civic driver named David caught a ride. We discussed the fun of FF cars.
  7. 64.757 – My fastest time of the day. Not too shabby, but still more than a second slower than the GLI. So, more work for me.
  8. 65.7 – Drove Donny’s nicely modified ’07 2DR DSG GTI. I loved the way it handled. Instead of pushing, it just hooked up and went. Way flatter in corners too. Maybe there is life in the Prepared class.
  9. I grabbed a ride-a-long in David’s Civic. It’s always more fun from the passenger side. He ran a 65-something.
  10. 65.461+2 -The beginning of my post-lunch slump. Now with 2 cones!
  11. 65.706 – Over-drove two corners and lost speed pushing.
  12. 66.475 – Now, as Stephen said, “You’re just pushing your luck.” Yup…still greedy with the grip.
  13. 65.303 – Just had a fun lap, and it helped.
  14. 65.763 – …and I’ve found my rut
  15. 65.729 -…yup, not getting any faster today.

My front tires are now shagged. Doh. At least they made it 14k miles and should be good for some commuting still. Big-E took some pix. I’ll post them when I get em!