About Z CHAN

This is my 1993 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. I bought it in March of 2004 from George Ulmer, who owned the car for a few years and who took the car from stock to stage 5. I paid George $15k. It had 67k miles on it at the time. I had been looking for Z’s for a few months and this was the 1st one I came across the wasn’t thrashed. Other previous owners include: Carol Malaquias, Massachusetts 1993; Jim Cave, Wells ME 1999; Gregory Woon, Ann Arbor MI 2001. In June 2007, I sold it to a person in Colorado for $13,500. I’ll miss the Z…

I bought the car after I decided I was tired of falling off motorcycles.

The personalized plate Z CHAN means “precious Z” and was purchased by George, who spoke Japanese.


JWT Dual-Pop Intake
JWT Sport 500 Turbos
740cc Nismo Injectors
Wisco Forged Pistons
RPS 6-puck race clutch
RPS flywheel
Street comp ported heads and intake
Back cut and hand lapped valve job
Balanced rotating assembly
Stillen oil cooler
Koyo Radiator
Techtom CMX-100
Master Cylinder Brace
Greg D’s Downpipes
Borla Cat-back Exhaust
Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley & Belts
APEXi S-AFC Air/Fuel Controller
Blitz SBC-iD Boost Controller
Brembo drilled/slotted rotors
Greg D’s Subframe Spacers
Top Speed Tension Rods
Powertrix A-Arms
Sway Bars
Eibach Pro Springs
WedsSport TC005 18 x 8.5 +44 Front
WedsSport TC005 18 x 10 +44 Rear
245/40YR-18 Kumho ECSTA MX Front
275/35YR-18 Kumho ECSTA MX
Stillen Sport Wing
Limo tint
NR Auto Gauge Faces
GZA Polished Gauge Rings
Great GonZer Rear Glow Panel
NISMO Clear Corners
Nismo Aluminum Shift Knob
JDM Tail Lights
CZP Clear Rear Side Markers



06-25-07 — Sold on Autotrader.com sight-unseen to a buyer in Colorado.


11-16-06 — Installed PowerTrix T-Rods (Top Secret T-Rods only lasted 8 months!), changed engine, trans and diff oil. 86,096 miles, $405

8-25-06 — Dyno tuning day w/ Specialty-Z at LAPD. Max run was 394rwhp. The stock intercoolers are holding the car back. $400

6-19-06 — Replaced clutch hose and tightened e-brake pads. $179

4-17-06 — Installed Axxis rear brake pads $39.92

3-15-06 — Got pipes from Specialty-Z. Also performed oil change with Mobil 1 15/50 full synthetic. Seb corrected my tension rod and a-arm installs. The left a-arm was slightly loose, and the right side tension rod was angled the wrong way. Put MOA in the oil for the first time. Seems to not be doing anything bad. Slight exhaust smell now. I think the test pipes aren’t sealed as well as the stockers. $500 total.

Had Stillen Sport Wing mounted at Carrera6 in Pasadena. $395 total labor for mount and paint. Wing is slightly droopy on the left rear because the wing is too long, but still looks good.

3-13-06 — Had 4 wheel balance done at Performance Nissan. One wheels was slightly out of balance. This fixed the handling problem from the WedsSports. $41.73 reimbursed by The Tire Rack. Also bough a spare starter motor harness ($75) and Nismo shift knob ($52.95) from Eddie while I was there. The shift knob was a little short, so I put some rubber tubing under it to raise the shift boot up.

3-7-06 — Ordered WedsSport TC-005 racing wheels from The Tire Rack. 18 x 8.5 +44 front 18 x 10 +44 rear. With Kumho EXSTA MX tires 245/40 front 275/35 rear $2434.60

2-23-06 — MazTech installed the Top Secret tension rods and PowerTrix adjustable upper a-arms. Also recharged the A/C. 4 wheel alignment. 1.5 degree neg camber and .5 inch? toe out in the front. $711.67

2-20-06 — Ordered NR Auto white gauge faces and polished aluminum gauge bezels from CZP. $167 total. Installation of the gauge faces was a bitch. The faces remove the needle stop from the temp gauge. Also, temp and tach gauges now read slightly higher than true. Doesn’t really matter because I have the Techtom for accurate temp readings.

2-10-06 — Passed smog with the oil soaked cats!

2-7-03 — Go over engine rebuild at Specialty-Z. Install dual pop intake. Replaced fuel dampner. Replace turbo oil line washer. Replaced hot #5 spark plugs with correct #7 Iridium plugs. Oil change with Kendall 20/50 oil to finish off engine break-in. Fix EGR valve routing. $525. 80,443 miles.

1-30-06 — Installed Brembo drilled and slotted front rotors and Axxis pads. $171

1-18-03 — Oil change and inspection at MazTech. 79,008 miles.

1-05-06 — Engine install completed by MazTech. Includes installing new 740cc injectors, injector harness mods, new RPS flywheel and clutch, new stock motor mounts, new knock sensor. $2864.29.


11-10-05 — Engine rebuild completed by Shane Weeks and Coast Motor Supply. $2672.44 total. RBO motor, new gaskets, water pump, tensioner pulleys, timing belt, RBO oil pump, balanced rotating assembly, street comp ported heads and intake, wisco pistons, back cut valve faces and hand lapped valve job.

7-14-05 — Turbo install completed by MazTech. Unfortunately, the Z is still smoking like crazy. Engine rebuild is started. $2251.64 total for turbo install.

6-24-05 — ordered JWT sport 500 turbos from CZP $1995

6-18-05 — Bought Stillen Sport Wing direct from Stillen during their open house. $255.91

6-16-05 — Installed Johnson Films Greystone Limo tint all around. $160

6-7-05 — Installed EL reverse glow gauges. $38 (later replaced with NR Auto gauges)

4-28-05 — Installed Great Gonzer glow panel $175


12-7-04 — Installed NISMO clear corner markers $104.33

7-8-04 — Install Stillen oil cooler at Specialty-Z $230

6-9-04 — Install Koyo radiator, brake brace, fuel regulator, Techtom CMX @ Specialty-Z. $811

5-21-04 — Replaced faulty hood switch assembly $25.99

3-25-04 — Installed Falken 451 tires $530.43

3-16-04 — Bought Z CHAN from George Ulmer for $15k 66,928 miles.


Dyno run at LAPD 8/06