Dirty Fast Goes to Malibu

Between the NAMM show, everyone getting sick, and doing things around the house to get ready for baby-x there hasn’t been much time for auto-x or canyon action. But, I was able to sneak away to Malibu for some canyon fun this morning. Its strange that I’ve had the fast almost a year and hadn’t taken it down to the Santa Monicas yet. I don’t know why I was surprised, but it handled the canyons really well. The DSG was just awesome on Latigo and Stunt, where I was always able to keep it in the right gear. It was also immediately apparent that the fast is several hundred pounds lighter than the Z CHAN and was much more forgiving of mid-corner changes, and just felt all-around more maneuverable.

I started the run out with a blast up Stunt Road and was surprised to see the place overrun by goats! No, not the furry kind, but GTO’s. There was some kind of massive GTO meet going on. I even saw plates from Nevada. There must have been at least 50 of them up there. Impressive. I had my windows open when I rolled up and heard a few of them saying, “oh, it’s a four door!” when I pulled in to park. A couple even said they liked my window sticker. I felt embarrassed because the fast is filthy from all the rain last week and I’ve been too busy to wash it. I would have washed it this morning had I known a grip of car guys were going to be up there!

GTO club meet at the top of Stunt Road

better look at the amount of goats
Goats take over Stunt Road

Burned up Malibu
The fire damage is still very apparent in the canyons, and I noticed a few places where large houses used to be. Drag.

Burgers in paradise
Of course, I had to grab some food with the beautiful people, but on my VW budget, it’s McD’s for me!

I did notice something strange while keeping a few sportbikes behind me on Latigo. I started the run with just under 3/8 tank of gas. About half way thru Latigo, my fuel warning light comes on. That caused me to panic a bit. So I did the 2nd half of the run staying out of the turbo as much as possible. Strangely, the fuel gauge went back up to 1/4 tank after driving normally on Kanan for a bit. So, I guess hard cornering can shake up the gas tank pretty well!