Solo2 Practice, Easter Sunday, 3/23/08

It’s all fun and games until the GTI throws the CEL. I was have having a real good time too! Check below for video from my new Exilim of the last run.

GTI Solo 2

Run #1 – 79.836. First run and a red flag to slow me down.
Run #2 – 67.511
Run #3 – 66.957
Run #4 – 65.386
Run #5 – 65.434
Run #6 – 65.479
Run #7 – 65.611. Somewhere during this run my CEL comes on.
Run #8 – 64.378
Run #9 – 64.129. Click below for Video of Run #9

After the two 64 sec runs, I figured I should let the car rest and see if the CEL would magically go out. It didn’t. At least not until I got home and let the car sit for an hour. Since I still had two hours to kill before my work group was called, I decided to play “Can I catch a ride?”. I had a great time riding along in various cars and learned some things about how different cars get around the course differently.

E36 M3
E36 M3 that I got a ride in. This car ran a 58 and was WAAAY loose.

Here’s an S2k that I had a ride in. I think it did a 61 or so. Was a bit loose and tail happy.Civic Si
Civic Si that I rode in. This one did a 61 or 62. Pretty hooked up most of the time.

89 Vette
1989 C4 Vette. This car ran a 60.5 and was slipping and sliding the whole way. Fun!!

I almost got a ride in this Lotus, but the seatbelt was broken 🙁

I also grabbed a ride in an Evo IX and was very impressed at the non-drama of the run. No sliding or squealing. Just forward motion. Neat!

happy tires
This is what front tires look like before 9 runs of autox

sad tires
Oh no! This is what they look like after 9 runs of Autox. Sad tires.

cruise cam camera mount
My new Cruise Cam camera mount that lets me make the cool non-shake videos

25k Service for the Fast

3/13/08 – 23,783 miles. $100.85 for the 25k service for the GTI. They changed the oil and looked at stuff. The GTI is still burning about 1/2 quart every 1000 miles or less, and apparently that’s “normal”. Germany ring tolerances are very tolerant I guess.

Also, I had them troubleshoot a problem with the lights in the driver’s door. The lights only come on if the light dinner switch is on all the way up. They diagnosed the dimmer switch as bad, and had to order the replacement from Germany. Also, for some reason, THEY REPLACED MY HEADLIGHT SWITCH WITH A DIFFERENT ONE THAT DOESN’T HAVE THE FOGLIGHT POSITION. I have no clue how they could put a different lightswitch back into my car than the one that they took out, but that’s VW service for you. I know Mario at VW Pasadena will get this straightened out, but still…


AudiZine Angeles Crest Highway Meet 3/9/08

The Audi guys were cool and let me crash their party. I had a great time. Fast enough to be fun, but not fast enough to stress about the man. They made me lead since I knew the road, but they were cool and kept calling “slow down!” over the radio so I wouldn’t get too silly up there.

Couldn’t ask for better weather either.

I put a video up on YouTube:

Here’s a few pix…

Staging at the Rose Bowl:

First stop up ACH:

Parked at Nuke’s:

Killer old bike at Nuke’s:

Channad getting his grub on with our cars in the background:

Checking the CEL on 9-Mile:

The surviving 4 roll into Sun Valley:

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