Solo2 CSCC Autocross, April 13th 2008 – How not to autocross

The fast in the pits

It was hot! Over 100 degrees and track temp up in the 140’s! Yuck! I did the novice course walk with Leonard, and the group decided that the course was pretty much just one late-apex diminishing radius corner after the other. The course required a lot of patience to run fast. Too bad I don’t have any patience. You’ll see in the videos that I get greedy with the throttle and try to power early everywhere. Doh!

Run group was #5, and work group was #6, the last group of the day. I didn’t drink enough water before my runs (just one bottle) and started to get light headed while I was working pre-grid. Luckily I was able to down 3 bottles and pour one on my shirt, and that kept me together. I just don’t do well in the heat!

In the competition, I was hoping to be near Michael and Patty’s R32, but I didn’t even get close. Patty was a good 2 seconds ahead of me, and Michael another second faster still.

The Mighty R32
The R32 that ate my lunch.

All runs: ESP off, DSG in Sport Mode.

1st run: 66.357 – Cold pressures: 43 lbs in front, 40 in back. Hot pressures: 51 in front, 43 in back.

2nd run: 66.275 – Lowered fronts to 46 before run. Front pressures still went up to 50. CEL comes on.

3rd run: 67.407 +2 – Went for broke and got there. I lowered the fronts down to 46 again, and they lost all grip. Just understeer city.

Check the video of my 3rd run below: