Another CEL

7/21/08, 30,073 miles.Took the car into VW Pasadena to clear a CEL. Turned out to be a faulty Low Fuel Pressure Sensor and was replaced under warranty. They also reset the maintenance light that they forgot to reset at the last service.


June Canyon Runs

Canyon Adventures

Before my new son Xander showed up, I was spending some Sundays up on Angeles Crest Hwy. Someone went down hard on a Ninja 250 and I caught one of the guys at Newk’s talking about it.

I also get stuck behind a gixxer that was being driven really slowly and failed to yield. I posted a video of it, and proceeded to get into a flamewar with some guy that acts exactly like I did about 22 years ago (ala: Super Snobby Motorcycle Guy). Check out the comments (be sure and click ‘view all comments’ at the bottom of the page so you can see them in order) and watch me try and spar with a motorcyclist without being a snobby car guy. w00 fun.
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