5th Place at Dubfest 2008

Ran the Dubfest autocross against 50 cars or so, and ended up taking 5th! Not too shabby. I only trophied because all the fast guys from Cal Club (we’ll call them Stephen and Michael) were working the course and therefore not eligible for trophies, but I’ll take what I can get!

Here’s the video of my 5th place run:

Gridded Up on the Banking
Waiting on the banking to run.

Curious Nail in the Scirocco's Tire
One of the Scirocco’s got a strange tire puncture

5th Place Trophy!
The fast with 5th place trophy

My First Autox Trophy
My first autocross trophy!

When I got home and took off my sweaty shirt, I noticed that I had gotten a gnarly case of prickly heat. I just suck being out in the heat now-a-days! 🙁

Many more photos posted to Flickr. Goooo look!