MB2 Go Kart Raceway

Was looking for someone to hit the canyons with on Sunday morning, so I checked out the 300ZXClub website and noticed that Keith (Canyon Carver) had posted a up Z meet at MB2 raceway followed by a canyon cruise.

I’d never been to MB2 before, but have had a gift card from my in-laws burning a hole in my wallet since last Xmas, and this was the perfect excuse to finally go. Plus, I could see some of my old Z buddies again. And, Keith was just a smidge faster than me when we battled at Dromo1 a few years ago, so I knew I’d have a good race at MB2.

Keith called the meet time at 10am, and in typical 3ZC fashion, when I showed up at 10:30am, he was the only one there. Some things never change. But by 11:30 or so a few guys showed up and finally at noon we were racing.

For the first two laps Keith towed me around and showed me the fast line around the course, then on lap 3 I snuck by him and we battled it out until lap 10 when I got too greedy on the final turn and spun. Turns out Edgar cleaned both our clocks anyway, and Keith and I had to settle for 2nd and 3rd. Still, 3rd isn’t bad for the first time there.

1st – Edgar, fastest lap 29.07
2nd – Keith, fastest lap 29.25
3rd – Chad, fastest lap 29.38

Chad and Keith
Keith and I enjoy some tight racing

After MB2, we headed up the 14 to In-N-Out and then did a nice lively run down Sand Canyon. Good stuff.

Rest stop on Little Tijunga / Sand Canyon

New Brake Pads And A Special Surprise!

Had to swap out my first set of rear brake pads today at 35k miles. I had a shop up here in Valencia do it because they’re close and came highly recommended. I’m glad I did, because the Tech, Garnet, found a spring spacer that VW Pasadena saw fit to ignore for 35k miles. Incredible.

I’m looking forward to a few more tenths at the autocrosses now 🙂

GTI Spring Spacer After 35k Miles