Core-Tarded Motorcycle Club Ride Number 2

Once again, dirty loaned me his Harley Sportster and we went off for a ride. I was lucky to get out because my 8month pregnant wife is suffering from pregnancy induced sciatica, and my toddler has the flu, but it’s my birthday weekend, so I get to go play for a few hours. Besides, I currently don’t own a motorcycle, so when a friend offers you one to borrow, you take it!

Here we are in Simi Valley gassing up. That’s my friend Dirty Dave gassing up his burgman while his Sportster waits for its turn at the bar. He also has a Dyna Glide in his garage. Nice collection he’s got going.

Here we are motoring out of Simi Valley on Santa Susana Pass. You can see in the background the hills that got burned up in the fires.

Heading down to Stoney Point Park.

We then had to slog across The Valley on Topanga to get Mulholland. So I grabbed a self portrait. I’m wrinkling my nose up at the SFV.

Still trolling across the valley, so I took a picture of the Sporty’s shifter. I’m a sportbike guy, so this has got to be the biggest, most manly shifter I’ve ever used. Chrome is teh awesome, but its teh heavy too. Kinda hurt my foot after a while. Too long away from bikes I guess.

Whohoo! We’re finally on Mulholland. If you’re ever in the area and are in the mood for a short blast of goatness combined with rich people’s driveways, turn onto Cold Creek Road. It’s short and crazy. We were on the wrong hardware, so we skipped it today.

Another good road we skipped; just before Mulholland turns right at the bottom of the hill is the left turn onto Stunt Road. This is a local favorite of the sportybiker types and shouldn’t be missed…unless they’re working on it like today. Bah, another pass then.

A little further down Mulholland we got our first sign of something weird going on with the weather. This is looking south towards LA and the beaches.

Enjoying some curves on Muholland.

Got in a nice groove behind a few older single cylinder bikes, so had time to take this self portrait.

The Rock Store was bananas busy, so we skipped past and stopped at Squid Point up above The Rock Store and The Snake. Here’s our rides taking in the view. Note hypersports bike with paper plates in the background. Hopefully it’s just a new bike and not a new rider. These can be pretty tricky roads.

Dirty enjoying the view from Squid Point.

Back on Mulholland just past Kanan, and a favorite revenue generating spot for the CHP.

If you ever try to take Muholland all the way to the beach but can’t figure out how you got on Encinal Canyon instead, it’s because you missed this sign. Cal Trans was nice enough to hide it behind a tree. Turn right for tight, twisty awesomeness, turn left for fast, sweeping awesomeness. We went left.

Oh hey, what happened? Remember that weird weather from a few pix back? Now we’re riding right into it. the 20 degree temp drop was a welcome change.

Coming down Encinal to PCH. It’s almost like we rode into another country, the weather was so different from just 15 minutes ago.

Dirty gives PCH the devil horns. Rockin.

We get pointed to our parking spots by the attendant at Neptune’s Net. Dirty’s burgman gets kicked to the curb while the Sporty enjoys premiere parking.

THE GRUB SHOT. Standard Burger wit Che on the left. Pulled pork “special” on the right.

Hunger induced poses.

Heading back inland on Yerba Buena Road. Yerba can get really narrow in parts, and is really rough and dirty in others.

But the views are nice

And some nice twisties

And after a long while, some nice new pavement. Smoooooooth

Here’s a good example of what not to do when you’re borrowing your friend’s bike and trying to take photos while riding for the first time (thx to this board for the lanyard idea!). Ooops. Luckily that was the only time this happened.

Another accidental “shooting while riding” photo. Not sure how that happened, but came out kinda cool

Getting close to the end of our ride, we ran into “Captain Naked”. He and his buddy had just blown the stop sign. At least he has pants on. You run into all kinda in LALA-land.

The tunnels on Kanan signal that we’re almost done with the Santa Monica Mountains for the day.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be LA without seeing something expensive on your ride. Here was today’s example.

Full gallery here on flickr.

That’s all folks, thanks for looking!