GTI Recoil Recall June 22, 2010 49,687 miles $194.68

Took the GTi to the new VW dealership, Parkway VW here in Valencia.They did the 10k service and then fucked up my car by royally screwing up the coil recall. They didn’t seat the coils correctly and caused a massive misfire.Also asked them to check on my lazy left hand paddle shifter (“It works fine”) and clean out my sunroof drain channels (“they’re clear”). Yay. That’s service.

ACH Cruise 6/13/10

Took a “naptime cruise” up Angeles Crest. First time back up since the fires. Amazing how burned out everything is. Because I was up after lunch, there wasn’t much traffic or PoPo. It was 86 degrees in the valleys, but only 71 at Newks. Gotta love that. Newk’s was pretty busy too, which is good to see. Got the thumbs up from an R1 rider on my way back. He probably liked my “move over” sticker.

Lower Big T Everything burned along Lower Big T

Angeles Forrest Everything burned along AFH too.

9 Mile …and all burned by 9 mile. Nice new street signs though!

9 Mile Follow me to Newks’!

Angeles Crest Everything Burned along ACH too.

Newks Newks looks pretty good though

Angeles Crest Detour. Not sure what happens if you keep going. Probably closed before the bottom.

 J-Box My fast hanging out with the bikes.

The Route

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