First group ride for the fuzzer

“Your front tire looks low.”

I’d been trying to remind myself of that all morning. Luckily Scot saw that the fuzzer’s front tire was low and reminded me to check the tire pressures. 25psi front and 20psi rear. Hmm…maybe that had just a little to do with the fuzzers mushy handling?

Michael says, "Hey, stop taking pix and let's ride!"

So why were Peer, Michael, and Scot waiting out in front of my house for me to get ready? Because this was the first group ride with my new-to-me 1990 FZR. Having not had the bike out much, and having not gone on a group ride since ’04, I wanted to keep things short and close to home. We just did a short two hour run up Francisquito, across Spunky Canyon, then back down Bouquet Canyon with a short rest at the Big Oaks Inn for some smokes and sodas.

Because we were in my backyard, the group made me lead. I was a little timid about this because I haven’t lead a ride in a long long time, but it worked out just fine. The fuzzer handled and ran just fine at our relaxed pace, and I think everyone enjoyed the ride.

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