One Totalled FZR

Got hit from behind when starting to leave a newly green light. I guess the BMW driver just couldn’t wait for me to get out of his way (or was paying more attention to his cellphone).

New Clutch on the FZR – 46,199 miles

Put a new clutch in the FZR since it was slipping really badly. First attempt to install was unsuccessful because I didn’t get the clutch cover teeth engaged. After consulting Shane and being reassured it wasn’t the oil, I took it apart and discovered my error.

Changed oil too, with some Castrol Syntec.

Mulholland cruise on the FZR

Did a cruise in the Santa Monica mountains on the fuzzer this Sunday. Was trying to meet up with my friend Provine, but I took the long way to the Rock Store and missed him.

The FZR did OK, but I could really use a new rear shock. Things were fine if the road stayed smooth, but if I got my fast on and there were some bumps I had to be ready to many pogo-stick induced line changes. *good times*

Also of note; they’ve done some weird construction at the top of Stunt road. Basically, they’ve made parking for the lookout a one-way affair. Weird.

First group ride for the fuzzer

“Your front tire looks low.”

I’d been trying to remind myself of that all morning. Luckily Scot saw that the fuzzer’s front tire was low and reminded me to check the tire pressures. 25psi front and 20psi rear. Hmm…maybe that had just a little to do with the fuzzers mushy handling?

Michael says, "Hey, stop taking pix and let's ride!"

So why were Peer, Michael, and Scot waiting out in front of my house for me to get ready? Because this was the first group ride with my new-to-me 1990 FZR. Having not had the bike out much, and having not gone on a group ride since ’04, I wanted to keep things short and close to home. We just did a short two hour run up Francisquito, across Spunky Canyon, then back down Bouquet Canyon with a short rest at the Big Oaks Inn for some smokes and sodas.

Because we were in my backyard, the group made me lead. I was a little timid about this because I haven’t lead a ride in a long long time, but it worked out just fine. The fuzzer handled and ran just fine at our relaxed pace, and I think everyone enjoyed the ride.

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Progressive Springs for the FZR

Changed out the fork springs and fork oil on the FZR. The thing actually sorta handles now, or it at least now holds a line. We’ll call it rideable. It could still use a new rear shock. And a new chain. And an oil change.

Above: FZR fork springs. The original Yamaha spring is the shorter one. I had to create some new spacers from PVC pipe

All jacked up. Tied to the roof for stability.

Nasty old fork oil.